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Cleveland Wood Window Installers

Revitalize your home with new elegant wood windows installed by Exterior Armor. We use Andersen and Pella wood windows because your home deserves the best. Choose between quick, affordable Standard Replacement or comprehensive Full Frame Replacement. Our skilled Cleveland wood window installers ensures a seamless upgrade. Contact us for a free consultation!

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  • Best Cleveland Wood Window Installers

    "We provide two specialized installation choices: standard and full frame replacement. Each technique is customized to suit your specific requirements, guaranteeing an ideal match for your home."

  • Option 1: Standard Replacement

    Fast, affordable, and non-disruptive. Our experts adeptly fit new window units into your current frames, boosting your home’s energy efficiency while preserving its unique charm.

  • Option 2: Full Frame Replacement

    "A comprehensive upgrade. Our approach involves replacing the entire window, frame included, for a smooth and complete transformation. This method ensures superior weather defense and retains the original window dimensions for clear, unimpeded views."

Why You Should Consider New Wood Windows

Is your house cold and drafty during the harsh Cleveland winters? If so, you probably need to replace your windows with new high-performance wood windows. 

Exterior Armor offers both Andersen and Pella windows as our preferred wood window manufacturers. Both of these manufactures build traditional, beautiful, and timeless wood windows.

Here are our top reasons why you should upgrade your home with new wood windows by professional Cleveland wood window installers:

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: New wood windows can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your home, offering a classic and elegant look.
  • Ideal for Renovations: Perfect for homeowners already considering major renovations like siding replacement, as full frame installation integrates smoothly with such projects.
  • Long-Term Investment: While more costly upfront, wood windows are a durable and long-lasting choice, offering value over time.
  • Customization and Style: Wood windows provide excellent opportunities for customization in style and finish, allowing you to match them perfectly with your home’s design.

Window Replacement Options: Pick Standard or Full Frame Replacement

When buying new windows, you have pick from two installation options:

  1. Standard replacement
  2. Full frame replacement

Read on below to learn the difference between standard and full frame window replacement.

Standard Wood Window Replacement: Economical and Time-Efficient

With a standard replacement our expert technicians will remove all of the parts of your existing windows except for the frame. Standard replacements always leave the frame intact.

The new wood window installed directly into the old frame.  Foam or fiberglass Insulation is placed in the gap between the new window unit and the old frame to stop cold air from entering the home. Next, interior trim installed to cover this gap on the inside for that timeless finished look. 

The exterior of the window is then typically finished with custom fashioned aluminum coil and caulked to seal any small gaps.  A standard wood window replacement is usually a quicker and more affordable option but does result in a slightly smaller window unit.

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Full Frame Wood Window Replacement: The Total Package

With a full frame wood window replacement, the entire existing window unit and the old frame is removed from the home. This leaves our expert craftsmen a rough framed opening to install the new wood window.

Next, the brand new window unit is fastened into the rough opening. 

We recommend a full frame window installation for several reasons. 

  1. It allows us to fasten the new unit to the exterior sheathing of the house with a nail fin. 
  2. We then would tape the nail fin to the sheathing to provide a better weather barrier between the interior of your home and the elements. 
  3. The new unit is also of the same size as the old window meaning  you don’t lose any glass size or visibility. 

Full frame wood window installation does have some downsides. To perform a full frame installation, we have to remove (and potentially replace) your interior window trim. We also must either cut back or remove and replace the house’s siding in order to get the nail fin attached to your home.  This means full frame replacements are more invasive, costly and time consuming than a standard replacement option. The best time to do a full frame installation is when you are replacing the siding on your home too. Many homeowners that are renovating their home will replace their siding, exterior doors, and install full frame wood windows.

Expert Cleveland Wood Window Installers : Exterior Armor

We only use the best professional Cleveland wood window installers. Our expert team is ready to assist with whichever install option is best for your home and fits your budget. Please reach out to our sales team for a complimentary consultation. We would love to offer more information on our range of installation choices.

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